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Software developer at a major research university. My unit has been part of the open data movement for 75 years.

I live on a farm near Ithaca, NY.

Some projects I've worked on: a voice chat service for the Brazilian market, the market leading open access e-Print server, e-business systems for car dealerships, wineries and a pallet recycling company, decision support systems for sales territory assignment, a collaborative visual editor for knowledge graphs, a social network for a secret society, a rich metadata database for the global performing arts with hundreds of Postgres tables that we should have built in RDF, a similarity metric for generic concepts (people, places, creative works, ...), a search engine for patents powered by a neural network, conversion of Freebase to an RDF graph with perfect referential integrity, an automatically curated collection of more than 1 million images of thousands of topics, a study of statistics of the sound of crumpling paper, a system for training packaged machine learning models with customer data (sometimes on a NVIDIA DGX-1) and deploying those models to customers.

Current side projects involve: structurally modelling financial messaging standards such as FIX, FPML and ISO 20022 with OWL DL, prototyping a smart "RSS reader" with coupled workflow engine and text relevance and clustering models, and a system of "three sided cards."

North American Weaboo. Both a jock and and a nerd.

Contact me at (607) 539 7490