Turkish citizens' personal data offered online after government site hacked

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Turkey's govt actually has quite a robust IT infrastructure and the Turkish citizens can do pretty much anything through the turkiye.gov.tr portal. It's really useful, you can even cancel subscriptions to services and utilities from there. You can book appointments for documents services or hospitals, see all your medical history or even heritage records.

These leaks keep appearing since many years but their origin is not necessarily a hack of the government infrastructure. The leaks usually occur at election cycles because the address based electorate data is handled and processed by the political parties(which are not exactly IT elites) and gets stolen or leaked.

Then there were high profile hacks of large food delivery services or other e-trade platforms.

All this resulted in people collecting and merging data from multiple leaks and re-selling those.

Edit: At some point, all the lawyers were using this data to track down people relevant to their court cases. They were selling it in CD format back then. Scammers and other criminals probably use this data too.

mrtksn | a year ago

My country publishes everyones data which then is offered by a number of services: https://mrkoll.se as an example.

I wrote a blog article about it: https://commit.pizza/2022/10/16/the-only-way-of-being-anonym...

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Russian citizens' personal data is sold online before government site gets hacked

chalcolithic | a year ago

Be aware that the website(s) tied to this event has been down for quite a while and there are no concrete evidence that any of them have really worked. There were a few leaks back in the 2010s but nothing recently has come up (lots of claims, no real proof).

treesciencebot | a year ago

Probably not related but I found a weird search result with many Turkish sites.

Google search for "faegulas" results in many different .tr sites with personal data of USA people. The sites are all of the form


All seem to be blocked by Cloudflare though.

[edit -- could be fake, generated data. but why]

emmelaich | a year ago

Join the party...

"Every Netherlands resident affected by data leak: watchdog" - https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/06/every-netherlands-resident-aff...

"Medical Data of 500,000 French Residents Leaked Online (2021)" - https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/500k-french-medic...

belter | a year ago

It's not suprising. Turkish citizens' data is in the hands of 13 y.o kids since 2015.

usdogu | a year ago

I'm curious if leaks like this are used to validate directory style websites or if they purely function off of official public records requests and releases.

There's a special place in hell for people who leak PII.

kodah | a year ago

Wasn't there a similar breach in India a few years ago?

There should be a clause that governments have to step down if breaches like that happen.

But until leaders, like Erdogan, themselves get doxxed and trolled, probably nothing will be done.

data_maan | a year ago

Is that old information? I’m sure I have a dump on most Turkish civilians from a few years back… it also includes data on Erdogan, his birth place and ID number.

19h | a year ago

The government has been silent on this so far, but I suspect the underlying story could be described as 'Byzantine'.

RajT88 | a year ago

This isn't the first time, it happened before sometime in 2015 I think?

hashworks | a year ago

Website sorgupaneli.org down

activiation | a year ago

I think there have been multiple leaks in the past, and this website is not the first either...

phantom32 | a year ago

Why haven't the authorities moved in on the host of the site offering the data?

lr4444lr | a year ago

A lot of this stuff is readily available in the right Telegram groups.

xwdv | a year ago

This happened in the US as well many a time.

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They never claimed the data…

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great, thanks. I'm now famous.

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