Royal Mail issues Warhammer stamps celebrating 40 year anniversary

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Warhammer is a historic gaming institution which has had ripple effects throughout so many places: Starcraft having the Zerg based on Tyranniads, the lore text and novels leading to "grimdark" sci-fi as a genre, even other games like Gears of War have a lot of inspirations from this.

With all that said it is very amusing to see the British govt create a series of stamps that commemorate a game setting that could be summed up as "religious facism with roman empire themes".

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RNase | a year ago

I recommend watching Astartes, a fan made short that really captures the spirit of WH40K (based on my playing of Dark Heresy RPG).

ndsipa_pomu | a year ago

After WW2, post offices around the world discovered philately, in particular, the penchant for philatelists to collect "mint" stamps. The post office could literally mint stamps in endless variety and sell them to the suckers (philatelists) who think they're collectible. Since these are never affixed to envelopes and mailed, it's free money for the post office. Imagine that, you print up a sheet of paper and sell it for $10 to $100.

Ok, they are collectible, but they're still worthless as having value beyond the postage value. Sort of like NFTs.

If you want to collect stamps with any collectible value, ya gotta go before 1940.

WalterBright | a year ago

A real silver plated metal stamp! btw the first 'metal' royal mail stamp was probably their Iron Maiden series

vrtnis | a year ago

I remember when Warhammer + GW were the bad guys for being money grubbing + elitist.

And now people look at Hasbro and WotC and wish they were more like Games Workshop.

debacle | a year ago

I missed out on the 'Video Games' Stamp edition they did a few years back that had much-cherished games from my youth. Silly me!

detritus | a year ago

Warhammer is so much fun but the pieces are just so ridiculously expensive. Especially Warhammer Fantasy which has races that can require a hundred individual units to field a 2000 point army.

comrh | a year ago

Blessed Sigmar, the Old World is also featured in this collection!

Tade0 | a year ago

So many Warhammer games, which is the best?

readyplayernull | a year ago

I wish I sent more mail. USPS and other places have some amazing stamps.

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