Average color of the NYC sky every 5 minutes

sethbannon | 540 points

#50a7f1 from this morning is an incredibly beautiful blue


Makes me miss NYC.

cypherpunks01 | 4 months ago

Such a great little website. you can see it was more orange than Hackernews header just 2 days back.

falloutx | 4 months ago

I wonder how the camera was calibrated in terms of white balance (if at all).

I have this idea to implement in my house: a sensor that would measure temperature of the light outside and set the lights inside to the same temperature. Getting this measurement right seems to be non-trivial. Though maybe it wouldn't have to be exact in terms of physical units, a pair of sensors calibrated together (one for outside, one for inside) might achieve the desired result too.

paweladamczuk | 4 months ago

I find it fascinating how Toronto is no where near as bad as New York. The fight to protect the environment has to be a global one

foxandmouse | 4 months ago

Has the developer of this posted any blog or documentation of how it works? What hardware/software is used for it?

yonatan8070 | 4 months ago

Nice, however "a day ago" isn't particularly helpful. For this local EDT time would be fine, but I'd like to know it it's 8am or 11am

iso1631 | 4 months ago

Zooming out is kinda neat...

But I would like to be able to see the background image for some of the shots bythemselves - as there are some cool pics of that view.


samstave | 4 months ago

It would be interesting if he specified how he came up with RGB values for sky color, like what is his neutral grey point etc.

throwaway290 | 4 months ago

Scroll down to the end of the page to 2 days ago! It's insane!

notRobot | 4 months ago

This is such a cool idea. Some people are so cleaver.

UberFly | 4 months ago

#000 I didn't think it'd be that dark even at local midnight

Am4TIfIsER0ppos | 4 months ago
fragmede | 4 months ago

My heart goes out to new yorkers. This cannot be healthy. If there are long-standing health repercussions I doubt there will be any recourse they can take.

georgeplusplus | 4 months ago

Is this data not polluted by the skyline? Or does it somewhat take buildings/the skyline into account, and correct for the shades of these objects?

karles | 4 months ago

Is the urban legend that it started out of controlled burn at WTREX conference true? Couldn't verify, but there are also no outlets debunking it.

ReptileMan | 4 months ago

Very cute, although I'd like to see what the results are like when choosing the dominant rather than the average color.

rollinDyno | 4 months ago

Such a simple idea, yet so well executed.

alex_duf | 4 months ago

Things start to get interesting if you zoom out:


schappim | 4 months ago

It's unfortunate you can't bookmark dates but really cool none the less.

avelis | 4 months ago

I stiched the last two days of this into a quick Timelapse - very cool to watch. https://youtu.be/KTv6tqyr8YU

blululu | 4 months ago
lom | 4 months ago

The vague timestamps like "an hour ago" are an odd choice, since they're very non-unique.

rcthompson | 4 months ago
| 4 months ago

With some kind of API to retrieve the colors the site would be really useful.

CWCorrea | 4 months ago

So simple yet beautiful!

radres | 4 months ago
| 4 months ago
ck2 | 4 months ago

Does this go back further than 2 days?

xnx | 4 months ago

gosh darn I love this.

davidblue | 4 months ago

great domain name!

scrame | 4 months ago

This is going to sound brutal - but citizens of New York... if there is anyone in the world to blame for this, it is you...

Sorry. I know that's horrid. But it's also true.

sgt101 | 4 months ago