Do Kwon arrested in Montenegro: Interior Minister

janmo | 355 points

What is the point of having a zillion magic internet moneys if you can't get yourself off the financial grid and living in a non-extradition country?

Cmon. What a bunch of jokers.

I think it's a hugely bearish case for crypto that none of the crypto guys have been able to use it to avoid authorities for more than a few weeks/months.

That's literally one of its alleged use cases. "The government can't control it".

SBF, Do Kwon, the Bitmex guys, how's that worked out for everyone?

steveBK123 | 3 months ago

What is this world coming to when Crypto renegades can no longer flee to Montenegro using falsified documents? This must somehow be seen as yet another nail in the coffin of Big centralized fiat currency. /s

ezekiel68 | 3 months ago

Wrong country to hide. Montenegro is a Nato member, and a US ally, and will do whatever the US say.

Dritan Abazovic (the prime minister) is himself half Albanian, half Montenegrin, and he is very pro western. You can't hide in pro US countries.

He should have maybe taken a train to Serbia (not a US ally), then a plane to Russia and hide there.

Ps. For some reason criminals think small countries are safe, but capturing criminals like this, that are most wanted by the US, is a huge political win for the small countries, (brownie points with the US) and they will do whatever it takes to get them.

Best countries to hide are larger countries that are not fully US aligned (think Brazil), or US hostile (Russia, etc)

ardit33 | 3 months ago

Do those people think that Montenegro won't give them to US? I've seen a few mentions of Montenegro in some American TV shows and they always say "The X has escaped to Montenegro...", "Montenegro doesn't have extradition treaty with US...". That's not true, and it was never true. Montenegro just can't sue them in Montenegrin court, because of the treaty that Montenegro can sue American citizens in American courts.

CoBE10 | 3 months ago

It's time to remind everyone that "Have fun staying poor" was one of Do Kwon's favorite putdowns.

b0sk | 3 months ago

He is probably better off getting caught and get his sentence over with than to live watching his back betting a country won’t turn him in for decades

m3kw9 | 3 months ago

I saw Terraform and thought of the infra as code tool by Hashicorp. This Terraform Labs is unrelated, they ran another major cryptocurrency scam.

grumple | 3 months ago

Between this and the Justin Sun news yesterday is this some kind of crypto crackdown?

Apocryphon | 3 months ago

Amazing that it took this long to find and arrest him.

latchkey | 3 months ago

Will we see a stream of substack articles from him? Or will he keep his mouth shut, unlike the other visionary crypto genius billionaire?

polygamous_bat | 3 months ago

Should have gone to Transnistria.

adamnemecek | 3 months ago

Crypto bros can't even do non-extradition countries right.

steveBK123 | 3 months ago

It's always greed and hubris that does these people in. Who in their right mind would get on an international flight with an Interpol arrest warrant? He could have disappeared off to the countryside and lived in obscurity, but no. He went to Montenegro.

ramesh31 | 3 months ago

More like Don't Kwon now.

xg15 | 3 months ago
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He's been charged in so many places that I am curious to know where he'll be deported to.

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popol12 | 3 months ago
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Of course he’d be in Montenegro, a place with so much corruption it’s practically out in the open. Rot in Prison, Do Kwon.

xwdv | 3 months ago